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Brief: Helpful system for a pizza shop

Pizza shop chosen: Joey’s pizza

Timeline: This project was done within the time span of 2 weeks from the initial research to the final user flow.

Note: This project has been created purely for academic purposes and is not affiliated with Joey’s pizza in any way.


  • Usually the young generation enjoy having pizza. Also in these times ordering food is a convenient option. The pizza shop particularly aims at young people who are either studying or are working bachelors.

  • For the user the pizza needs to be cost efficient and should be enough to fulfill their appetite.

  • The names of the pizza should be understandable and simple.

  • Visuals have a powerful impact on the user. They make it tempting and intrigue the user

  • Ingredient adjustment and customization, to add or remove ingredients.

  • For an online delivery many old users still prefer COD while the younger generation prefer online. Therefore proper options should be provided. 


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  • Strengths

  • Best pizza at budget friendly prices

  • Variety of pizzas and other fast foods available under one roof

  • Hygienic food preparation and quick service

  • Amazing range of quantity ( single slice of pizza to a large pizza)

  • Melas offered attract a lot of young people 

  • Weakness

  • Joey's pizza is still considered new to the market 

  • Ambience not so good as compared to the competitors

  • Competitors can offer similar service with better price and promo.

  • Opportunities

  • Introduction of new offers and coupons

  • Adding vegan products to their menu

  • Opening new branches

  • Providing better customer care and  service.

  • Threats

  • Changing consumer habits towards healthier food choices. 

  • Constant competition 

  • Strong brand positioning of Dominos and Pizza hut




  • Direct

  • Pizza and fast foods


  • Large

  • Younger generation. And high incomes and business class families 

  • Cheese stuffed crust. Many years ago not many pizza places did this, so it was front and center in their advertising for the longest time – it made them different.

  • Strong brand image

  • Good ambience

  • Amazing offers

  • Competitor type             

  • Product offering

  • Website

  • (URL)

  • Business size

  • (small, medium, large)

  • Target audience

  • USP

  • Features


  • Direct

  • Pizza and fast foods


  • Large

  • 18-35 Middle class and lower middle class income group.

  • "Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.”

  • Low prices

  • Excellent offers

  • Positioned pizza a s a snack to enjoy or satisfy hunger.


Joey's pizza has no online presence. They don't have their own website or app. After conducting the research and analysing the user needs I decided to create a mobile responsive website for Joeys pizza. This website will primarily focus on the online delivery.

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33 years


Navi Mumbai

Lives with parents and a younger sister




Kunal is a project manager. He is outgoing and fun loving person. He is sporty and loves playing cricket and football. On days he is not working we can surely see him playing on the ground. He is a foodie and loves ordering food. He takes his time to choose exquisite dishes. He loves trying variety of new dishes. 


1) Having pizza with friends after football matches

2) It's monsoon and what could be better than having hot melted cheese drip out of the pizza.

3)  Pizza meals including some fries and a coke can be a bliss.

4)Concept of customers topping options just like subway.


1) Quality of pizza gets deteriorated during monsoons

2) Lack of variety

3) If something is not available, don't let me order it. The app allows you to order and then they don't send it. Wastes both our time and patience.



  • Flexible payment options

  • Loves good offers and freebies.

  • Pizza tastes better when you have company Therefore prices should be affordable

  • Prefers ordering pizza than dining in

  • Prefers trying out new pizzas


  • Orders food usually through the phone

  • Orders pizza on Fridays and weekends.

  • Compares prices and ingredients in each pizza

  • Checks the reviews and the ratings before ordering


  • Can't we have meals that include a pizza drink and a slide dish?

  • It would be better to get a  preview of the pizza after customisation

  • Pizza is a versatile food which gives a break from the routine food

  • The food should be tasty and budget friendly

  • The special offers for the day should be clearly listed.


  • Excited about ordering and eating something different from the routine food.

  • Confused about the navigation and payment options.

  • Frustrated when unable to find the way through the app/website.

  • Anxious about how the pizza would taste

  • Happy to eat tasty food


1) Make your own pizza


The new customization system allows the users to make their own pizza from scratch. It also allows the user to add extra toppings or remove some ingredients from the pizza. 

2) Pizza meals at budget friendly prices


Meals including a  pizza a starter and a drink available in various sizes. The sizes vary from a single piece of pizza to a large pizza. These meals are the perfect combination for having a tasty meal at a pocket friendly price.

3) Preview of the customization


Usually when we customize a burger we are unable to get a preview, but this time the user will get a preview of the pizza. The animation of the pizza will immediately visual the changes in the users order. 

4 )Pizza subscription


Pizza subscription available where in the user can order 4-11 pizzas a month depending on the package they have selected. This will also get the users pizza delivered at their doorstep without any delivery charges.

5)Half half

Always confused as to which pizza to choose. This feature lets you order 2 different pizza combined as one. Create a pizza with two distinct toppings on the same pizza allowing two people to share the happiness of eating their choice of pizza.

6)More about the pizza


Knowing more about the ingredients used is very important for the user. This feature lets you know more about how the pizza is made.  Also each month the user will be able to access a new homemade  pizza recipe that they can try at home.



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